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Accepts all weight gain-related artwork and only wg-related artwork. (Not just a run-of-the-mill fat group, whatever that'd look like) #weightgain
Founded 6 Years ago
Jan 2, 2011


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1,307 Members
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:bulletorange:Questions about weigh? Note us!

:bulletorange:Rules last changed: 17 Jan 2017

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I assume this is why most people watch this group. See this section to see what folders to submit to.
not accepted

The following are not allowed:

What breaks dA rules.

Blueberry, inflation, breast/butt expansions or any other expansion without fat gain. For example, something with "inflation" and not "weight gain" in the title or tags will likely be immediately rejected.

People that are normally fat and have gained nothing. The group is for weight gain, not just fat.

World première reference for brand-new characters with no backstory, for similar reasons to the above.

Unedited stand-alone photographs. However, weight gain photomanipulation is okay, and "before and after" photos with obvious weight gain are allowed.

totally accepted!

Guidelines on what is allowed:

Fat GAIN should at least be implied or obvious. An affirmation that it is, in fact, fat gain (as opposed to other types of expansion) with the submission should be enough.

For standalone wg, the character being heavier than usual implies gain.

Fat gain in combination with other types of expansion, as long as there is fat gain, is accepted.


First off, the "Ad" folder is where any promotions should go.

genders are split into male, female, both and unknown/other.

Submissions with both male and female weight gain should be submitted to "both".

Unknown/other is for trans, nonbinary, hermaphrodite or ambiguous characters only.

Alt folders are where anthro or other obviously non-human characters should go.

Nekomimi and other such human or nearly-human characters can go in the female, male, both or unknown/other folders as appropriate.

media are split into literature, animation, sequences, and standalone wg.

"Literature" for weight gain-related things with a lot of words. Saxxon-style illustrated stories might even count, but regular comics with not a lot of text other than word balloons and captions should be in one of the other categories.
"Standalone wg" is for images of the end result of a weight gain. There should be an image somewhere on the internet of the individual(s) at canonical normal weight, or implications like poorly-fitting clothing. (or housing‽) Or just an affirmation that it is weight gain.
"Sequences" is for series of still images showing the process of weight gain. Could be within one image file or several, but must show the same person or people at different weights.
"Animation" is for any moving pictures showing a weight gain or the end result of a weight gain.
Animations showing the end result of a weight gain may also be submitted to "standalone wg".

multipage sequences

If a series is mostly about weight gain, as most series here are, all parts should be submitted; this includes the parts that do not have weight gain and the "before" images.

If a series has weight gain but is not centred around it, then only the parts involving weight gain should be submitted.

The first panel in a sequence will likely not be accepted till a subsequent panel showing weight gain is submitted, so please submit these in unison.


Anything that does not belong in the group will be rejected or removed from the group. Submissions to the wrong folder are either rejected, or, if not, moved to the correct one.

Tell the admins if you see any miscategorisations.

If you think your deviation was unfairly rejected, resubmit it and comment on the correspondence message asking why it was rejected!
Correspondence messages are accessible from the dA message centre.

Try to avoid submitting anything twice.

If someone submits something made by another artist, it is still subject to the rules regarding what is accepted or allowed to stay in the group above.

Member/affiliate submissions need 2 votes to get in; non-member submissions need 3. To submit to "Ad", you must be a member of either the group or one of its affiliates.

If it is standalone, please say what character(s) are featured if it is not in the deviation's description or tags already! Founder is especially bad at recognizing quasi-obscure characters. See above (§folders) for what is accepted in "Standalone wg".


All requests to join the group's members are automatically accepted.

Members can to submit to any folder except Featured, which is for items relating to the group itself.


If you want to vote in submissions and you feel you can follow these rules, please make a join request to the "co-founders" section of the group.We need more active administrators!

Administrators (Founder and Co-Founders) vote on whether or not submissions get in, and can edit folders.

Administrators should vote yes on submissions that follow the submission rules (above) and no to submissions that don't. If a submission is unclear on this, ask the submitter about it.

The administrators that vote no on a submission should tell why they don't feel the deviation fits in the group, whether publicly or in the group's private discussion.

Administrators are free to ask to be demoted to members or to leave the group at any time. Administrators that deactivate their deviantART accounts will be removed from the group after a month.

Administrators that wrongly and consistently allow non-weight gain-related art into the group may be demoted back down to members, as may those who are inactive for several months.

Administrators can also make journals, for things such as organizing group contests, deviation features or announcing rule changes, which must be approved by the founder.


No real rules on affiliates; expansion-related groups have a higher chance of acceptance.


Submission limit is now ten per day.

Rules are subject to development.

logotype of the group


These guys vote on ya submissions!






Gallery Folders

weigh avatar 2 at the size on which it was worked! by DEIDATVM
weigh by DEIDATVM
weigh guidelines by DEIDATVM
Wg Literature

Mature Content

Mature Content

Female wg animations

Mature Content

Ssbbw Katy Perry Stuffed More Huge By Xmasterdavid by SureGo

Mature Content

Nano By Fatclubinc by SureGo
patreon animation 1 preview by ArtOfGorb

Mature Content

Lucy gets BIG by TisMatty
Male wg animations

Mature Content

Strange Lovers - The Ogress's Dreams by MartmeisterPaladin

Mature Content

Dalton and Jose's Picnic by MartmeisterPaladin

Mature Content

Swell Guy by BedBendersInc
Both wg animations
Unknown or other gender wg animations
Toadette weight gain! (GIF-part3)  Final by Dishonored-Knight
Merry Christmas, 2009 by MartmeisterPaladin

Mature Content

Rise and Shine for Breakfast by MartmeisterPaladin
Alt and furry wg animations
Mist the primarina sudden fattening. by Chubbinator
Chusuke the Pikachu  sudden fattening. by Chubbinator
Layla's turn by Chubbinator
Tempo by Chubbinator
Female wg sequences
Waitress Gain Sketch by ExtraBagageClaim
AT- Charly's Weight Gain by SkeleBojangles

Mature Content

Commission: Episode of Ara Ara DLC by DANYANTTO
Dark Mage Weight Gain by binge-chan
Male wg sequences

Mature Content

pudgier and pudgier by jigglyrolls
dumplings by cinnabunswirl
filling up by jigglyrolls
Little Brother Archtype 1 with WG and AP by CatsTuxedo
Both wg sequences
Killua/Toph WG/WL by CatsTuxedo
Kagome vs Sota WG 1/3 by CatsTuxedo
Summer of EVA: Rubbing it in by ProfessorDoctorC
Summer of EVA: Plugsuits by ProfessorDoctorC
Unknown or other gender wg sequences
[COM] Selu'Loras galactical adventure [PART 4] by Yukihaara
Alt and furry wg sequences
Beyond Mewberty - 5 of 6 by ProfessorDoctorC
Female standalone wg
Weighty WonderGirl - COMMISSION by ExtraBagageClaim
Male standalone wg
Art trade- Adam by CuccoKing
Both standalone wg

Mature Content

Fattie Rose Feast by Primesui
Unknown or other gender standalone wg
Be careful! by Dishonored-Knight
Alt and furry standalone wg
COM Obese Schoolgirl Twist by MichaelTanzer1991
New rule regarding submissions with both male and female weight gain.

Now there are "both" folders. Those are where all works containing both male and female weight gain should go from here on.

Assuming I've set submission permissions correctly this time.
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"Other or unknown gender wg animations"= If your piece has animation in this category.

This will help organize our folders a lot better and we thank you for understanding the submission change.

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